Hygiensoft sanitizes because:

All the products in the HYGIENSOFT®Hygiene Gentle line are formulated to considerably reduce the bacteria produced on fabrics during daily wear. These bacteria can remain even after a normal wash, especially in the case of low temperature cycles. A complete line of Hygiensoft sanitizing products has been studied to meet the increasing need to feel safe and protected in our daily lives.

HYGIENSOFT®Hygiene Gentle is formulated to sanitize all kinds of fabrics.

Products are subject to rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards


Laboratory testing

An item of underwear worn during a run lasting several hours was used as a sample. To increase the organic dirt it was further deliberately stained with urine. To simulate the time that can reasonably be expected to pass before washing the item was then placed in an unsealed plastic bag and left for several days.

After removal from the plastic bag the article was cut into two parts: one part was softened with HYGIENSOFT® softener; the other with an unspecific softener. Analyses were then carried out on the two parts by an external laboratory unconnected with RAMPI Srl.


  • Part softened with HYGIENSOFT® softener T.B.L. UFC/ cm2 22800
  • Part softened with unspecific softener T.B.L. UFC/ cm2 66700

While the data show the exceptional sanitizing power of HYGIENSOFT® softener, it is clear that underwear worn normally will never reach the extreme conditions realized for the test. Therefore the result of 22800 UFC/cm2 will be considerably lower when treating clothes subject to normal daily wear.

The sanitizing and bacteriostatic agents indicated above also prevent fermentation and consequent deterioration of organic substances absorbed by fabrics during daily use. This helps to block the process that leads to unpleasant smells developing on clothes.