Hygiensoft is hypoallergenic because:

It is common practice to add softener in the final rinse cycle. After this the clothes are not rinsed again, which signifies that the softener remains on the fabric while the clothes are worn.
If you use a non-hypoallergenic softener, prolonged contact with the skin can cause irritation and dermatitis.
As a result, Rampi laboratories have taken particular care in the formulation and production of HYGIENSOFT®Hygiene Gentle, a complete, new generation hypoallergenic line.
Products in the HYGIENSOFT®Hygiene Gentle line also contain an emollient and moisturizer with active ingredients naturally present in the skin and therefore easily absorbed. Its action on the skin is perceptible.

All these characteristics make the HYGIENSOFT® line ideal for cleaning and softening clothes and fabrics that come into contact with particularly sensitive skin.  It is particularly suitable for children’s clothes and for items in direct contact with delicate areas of the body.
Before its launch on the market HYGIENSOFT® softener was subject to testing by ISPE (Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation):

  • PATCH TEST for skin allergies

IMMEDIATE SKIN IRRITATION POTENTIAL was studied with the following results: irritation percentage 0.0%. Using the same test indirect skin irritant potential was also verified with the following result: irritation percentage 0.0%.

  • HYPOALLERGENIC potential testing

ALLERGENIC potential testing has given the following results: allergic reaction potential 0.0%.

Both tests were carried out under the supervision of highly qualified personnel and the methods of analysis were certified by a dermatologist.