Hygiensoft is concentrated, ecological and good value because:

The high performance detergents, softeners and washing boosters in the IGIENSOFT®Hygiene Gentle line are active at low temperatures, meaning you save on energy costs.
Secondly, the high concentration of products means you can use a lot less. This signifies helping the environment, reducing pollution and preventing waste.
The products in the Hygiensoft line are 5 times more concentrated than normal detergents, enabling transport costs to be reduced. Added plusses are that they take up less room in the home and shopping bags.
Products in the HYGIENSOFT® line are easily removed, allowing extra saving on water in the final rinse cycles.

Price per kg of fabric treated is highly competitive even with supermarket chains.
HYGIENSOFT® line products are around 3 times more concentrated than similar, unspecific products. This enables their overall environmental impact to be reduced.
Washing and softening your clothes with HYGIENSOFT®Hygiene Gentle® products signifies:

  • Use of recipients and containers is reduced by 1/5.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 1/5 (no unnecessary transportation of water), meaning extra saving and less pollution.
  • Weight to be carried is 5 times lower
  • Less space is required in the laundry area