Hygien Intensity


HYGIEN INTENSITY is a sanitizing booster for biological laundry detergents formulated with active ingredients and the same base fragrance as HYGIENSOFT fabric softener.


It ensures a perfect, sanitizing finish to your laundry cycle, boosting performance against microbes, including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, viruses and fungi, which may cause unpleasant smells to persist even after washing.

HYGIEN INTENSITY is an ultra-concentrated fragrance and sanitizing intensifier that gives you more for your money than products commonly available in supermarkets. Its specific formula helps reduce irritation caused by substances used in dyeing or finishing clothes during the manufacturing stage. The softening properties of HYGIEN INTENSITY create a lipid layer that helps keep fabrics elastic and resistant, further intensifying the exceptional fragrance that characterizes the whole of the HYGIENSOFT- Hygiene Gentle Line.